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made this

Gave it a go, can't really say I had an enjoyable experience. Text moved to fast to completely read what the elves were telling me to do so I just kinda ran around aimlessly. I tried to plug multiple controllers but none of them connected for some reason which left me with mouse and keyboard which was extremely frustraiting because the camera would barely move like it was getting blocked, and since I couldn't tilt the camera I was never able to see where I needed to go until near the end and jump into the sleigh where I proceeded to fall of the edge for eternity. By the time it finally fixed I was already far done with the game from all the contrant frustraitions. I'm sure this game is far more fun with a working controller, and I'm pretty disappointed I couldn't enjoy it because all my controllers refused to work, but I mean, it's a computer game, it should be able to work fine with basic computer controls.

Maybe I might give a try again come Christmas time again, or like a Christmas in July sort of thing.

Here's my video, 

Love the Nights reference! Lots of juicy effects and the homeworld, how it's possible to learn the controls there before the challenge starts. Some things I noticed that might be improved:

  • Dialogue Bug - I landed on a character from the sledge in the first mission and couldn’t close the dialog after that. Also when I quit to the main menu and opened the game, the character was stuck in the dialogue.
  • Fast house exit - it’s a little confusing to have to go back to the chimney, would be nice if it was possible to exit the house any time by holding B or if the levels always loop back to the chimney.
  • Fast level exit - When the player enters the sledge after the time is out, maybe make the sledge automatically move on to the next town. It feels like the sledge need to travel a long way to trigger the exit of the current town.
  • Timer - It's unclear what the timer does, I think I lost once from it. But other times it would end and I could continue and get score and even hit objects that added more time.
  • Dangerous objects - I like the game loop of riding around in the sledge, finding a house, throwing presents around and then going out again. But it feels like the player can be very careless in the houses, so it might be an idea to add dangerous objects. Ex that lock the player for a few seconds and add a time penalty, like in Nights.

Its a fun game! Glad to see games on that are not horror games lol.

That being said, there were quite a few bugs. Once, I entered into a chimney only to get into this weird "shadow dimension" that was like the rest of the north pole, but black. Could only fix by getting into the chimney a second time, then it loaded the room proper.

There is another bug that is quite infuriating. The way the game handles falling is by putting you where your feet touched last. Some of the pillars at the beginning of the game have areas that you can land on that lead to a sort of "infinite fall." You know, the pillars that the elf tells you to hold "y" to get to. The only way to get out is by going to the main menu and starting again.

Lastly, another bug was when I fell through the floor while trying to get my "flying license."

Now for some positive stuff: I think this is a cute game! It reminds me of the types of games my grandmother used to let me play on her computer way back in 2000. Brought me a lot of nostalgia vibes. If you ignore the glitches, this game is super cozy. Perfect game to have some hot chocolate with, and a nice quilt. I can't wait to see what else you guys can do! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for playing! I ran into these glitches during testing and unfortunately it wasn't possible to mitigate them in the time allotted for the jam - I'll see if I can address in an update. The falling through the floor glitch seems to only happen at lower framerates, so if that's the case try lowering your resolution/disabling post processing in the settings menu and seeing if that works better for you.

So glad you enjoyed!  Stay tuned for our larger projects coming later this year


Why the camera is clamped? I couldn't  play because of that.

Hmm sounds like a glitch - I'll look into it.  Mouse input right? 

In the meantime, gamepad controls are the recommended way to play the game!


Thanks, I'll try with the gamepad and I'll be back later.


Y'all are absolutely owning this, year after year. Looking forward to next year already!

Thanks for playing!


Wow this thing is amazing

Thank you! Enjoy


Wow! Very good, keep up the good work! 

Glad you like it!